Thursday, February 1, 2007

TAGGED...little known facts about me

I was tagged by my friend Michelle but I'm pretty brain dead these days. Let's see if I can think of anything...

1. Well this is not exactly new info for most of you but the middle 2 toes on my left foot were melted together by a motorcycle wheel when I was just over a year old.

2. I am not ticklish but I used to pretend to be so Hugh would tickle my feet.

3. If I could afford it I would get the new kind of Lipo for my "twin skin".

4. I love Raffi and not just for my kids sake. I listen to it sometimes on my own. Baby Beluga anyone?

5. I dream about living in Paris for a year. I LOVE Paris which I know is so cliche but I really love it. Pastry (which I could eat for every meal), red wine, art, history, baguettes, vintage shopping, and little markets. What's not to love?

Well, I managed to get something out. Let's see what DJ has to say.