Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This just proves you can't ever count on the Canucks

We drove 12 hours and got home from 10 days of vacation in the Okanagan at 2:00am Monday morning.  I then did 75,000 loads of laundry.  Or, well, 7.  Close enough.  I want to blog about our holidays but I have to upload all the pics.  I hope the stories don't get too stale to tell by the time that happens.  In the meantime I feel a burning desire to tell you two things.

1.  Sebastian has been sitting at the kitchen table in front of 2 squares of a roast beef sandwich for 2 hours and 18 minutes.  I will win this. 

2.  When the hockey playoffs began Hugh asked every game if I would come downstairs to watch with him.  I told him if the Canucks made the finals I would happily sit and watch every single game with him but until then I would happily watch none.  Who knew they'd make it to the finals for the first time in 17 years?  Apparently I have a promise to fulfill....

Monday, May 9, 2011

Reasons to twirl with my arms wide open

Tea in bed.

Polka dot mug.

A new first page.

Gadget for the garden I dream of.

Songs by little voices. 

Kisses from shiny little faces. 

Hugs to go all around.

Worship in the House.

Lunch out.

Value Village adventure.

Backyard wiener roast.

Setting Sun.

Sipping Tea.

Crackling fire.

Softly-picked guitar

Cuddling under blankets.

Good-night kisses.

Thankful heart.

Perfect day.

Monday, May 2, 2011

AOGG Girls Weekend By the Numbers

3 - days spent shopping/lunching/talking/laughing/crying.

194 - dollars spent at Value Village between the four of us.

3 - extra suitcases the girls needed to buy to bring everything home.

3 - historic events that we got to watch unfold together - the wedding of the century, the death of Osama Bin Laden, and Tanya wearing a proper bra.

1 - brunch/royal-wedding-watching tea-party that took 4 hours, 6 bodums of coffee and 2 trips to the grocery store to make.  PS. So glad we PVR'd the wedding instead of watching it live.  It was so satisfying to be able to fastforward the boring parts. 

2 - times we asked Hugh to take pictures of us on the porch till we got a good one.

2 - times Hugh died a little on the inside.

8 - Anne of Green Gables pins we wore over the course of the weekend to commemorate how our friendship began.

13 - hours of sleep over the first three nights combined.

1 - night we were up so late we were minutes away from watching the sunrise.

1 zillion - gallons of coffee/tea/coke needed to function each day.

4 - girls who still never run out of things to say even after 15 plus years of friendship.