Thursday, May 27, 2010

Me or Them?

It's raining today and feels like it should be a movie day.  Too bad my kids aren't interested in Pride & Prejudice. A good five hours of Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy with some scones and tea under a cozy blanket feels like an absolutely perfect way to spend a grey day when Hugh is working until 9:00pm.  I'm having a dilemma in my head right now about whether or not to let the kids watch movies downstairs so I can indulge this whim of mine.

The part of me that wants to be Mom of the Year says no it's definitely not okay to let the kids watch hours of movies today, thereby neglecting them and rotting their brains.  We should bake cookies together, read stories, do a craft and finish up with some sort of object lesson that will grow their character and make them stronger, wiser, more independent, adults.  After I make them dinner with the vegetables out of my garden, the herbs from my window pots and the poultry in my backyard. 

On the other hand:
1. If we make cookies I will eat them all, and I really can't afford to eat them all. 
2. We've read all our library books and I canNOT read Fox in Sox one more time. 
3. I let the kids paint yesterday so that counts as craft right?  
4. I did an object lesson two weeks ago.  One or two a month is probably enough don't you think? Otherwise what will they have to talk about in therapy?
5. I don't have a vegetable garden or chickens.  Fresh mint for a mojito?  Yes.  Free range chickens and millions of zucchini's? No. In our house we just have old-fashioned water-plumped chicken and pesticide-soaked veggies from the box store.

So, Pride & Prejudice? The weather forecast says it is supposed to rain for three days.  I can always be Mom of the Year tomorrow, right? 

If only I wasn't tortured by Momma guilt...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's called ClMATE CHANGE!

If one more person says, "so much for global warming..." I think I might scream.

Here's what it has been doing for three days. The last three days.

It's May. It's not the dead of winter. Supposedly.

The video finished uploading and I just checked it. Uh... anti-climactic much? I'll spell it out for you. It has been snowing non-stop for three days. The day I took that video the wind was blowing so hard (I think we had up to 100km/hr winds) I couldn't keep my camera steady. The snow is coming down horizontally in big gusts. Yuck.

I kept the kids home from Preschool on Tuesday because I couldn't bear the thought of going out in that weather. Instead we baked cookies and watched movies under cozy blankets. This is the part where I admit to a shameful like of Barbie movies. To be fair to Tristan we also watched Race To Witch Mountain while Sebastian napped in the afternoon. Here's what I don't get. Tristan can eagerly watch a movie about Government men and an alien assassin chasing down alien kids. The movie has guns and explosions and adult bad guys and he's completely fine but suggest watching Tinkerbell? He is so scared of the cartoon eagle in that movie he literally shakes with fear if Ava wants to watch it. And also, he had to leave the room when the bad Mer-lady of Barbie: A Mermaids Tail, fell into the whirlpool she had created for Barbie. Barbie, who in this movie went by the name Merleah was, of course, able to escape by claiming her Mer-heritage and being all brave and full of character and stuff. Sorry for the spoiler.


It is not completely unusual for us to have a random day of snow in the Spring. Last year we had a day in June but it melted as it fell and certainly didn't last more than one day. Like I said, we are now on day three. The wind has calmed down but the snow has not paused once. Not a lunch break, not a coffee break, not even an Alberta smoke break! It is obviously not unionized. I took the kids to the library yesterday and came home with 28 kids books. When this snow will stop is anybody's guess. At least I'll be prepared.