Tuesday, October 9, 2007

He has arrived!

Sebastian Donovan Davis Cyr finally came after four days of labor on Sunday night, 7:10p weighing 6lbs 3oz. Thanks for the prayers and thoughts that you gave. God really did go with us. If I could only write better, I'd tell you the whole story and I'm sure you'd agree. Heather is in the hospital and will be there for quite some time. She lost half of her blood in the process and will need a while to recover. My brave warrior hung in there and brought Sebastian home -I am sooo proud of her! And if you're worried about me - don't. I'll still get my 4 hours of Halo 3 per day.

So there he is. If you don't like these pictures and want more... come and take them yourself, it's been a long ride. Thank you Jesus for seeing this all through. Jane was with us for the whole ride and she did great. She actually gave Heather a foot rub -I know... wow!!

Oh by the way, Tristan and Ava are in love withtheir new brother. They call him "Baby Bastian." I think it's stupid -jj. Tristan is surprisingly taken with Sebastian. And of course to Ava he's just another doll to play with, only he poops -too bad she won't clean it up.

Cheers from a proud father.