Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend in Pictures

I wish I had pictures of our actual dinner but after 6 hours of cooking it only took 10 minutes to devour so... there wasn't really a whole lot of time to take pictures!

Thanksgiving Monday was a glorious day.  I grabbed my camera and we picked up coffee and took Wayne and Laura for a walk in Strathcona Park along the river.  It was a glorious Fall day. 

Wayne & Laura.  You'll notice Laura is holding a Tim Horton's cup.  We love her anyway.

Wayne and Hugh: Don't you like Hugh's bike?

 The last day of Ava's cast.  She got it off yesterday.  Those 5 weeks flew by! (At least for me, Ava thinks differently.)

Boys, sticks, rocks, and river.  Can you say dream day?

Laura and me:

Lesson 1: Find a smooth flat rock...

The girls:

Hoods are a handy handle when you're going down your first hill on your first bike.

I hope you all had a great weekend.  We sure did!


  1. Wow, does Ava ever look grown up in that first picture!!!!! Even Journey was saying, "Wow, THAT'S Ava???"

    So jealous but glad you got to spend Thanksgiving together and enjoy some lovely weather!

  2. Doesn't she? It's the hair. A few snips of the scissors and she was suddenly grown up.

  3. Ava's hair is soooo adorable!!! I love it and thanks for posting some photos finally =)

  4. Beautiful daughter you have there, Heather! And so good to see pictures of Wayne and Laura! Also, I <3 your sweater.